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Sweeten your farm with Lotus Sweetjuice! (Market LE Items) Aug 12 2019

Add Lotus Sweetjuice, Sachsengold Rabbits, Jicaro Trees and more to your farm!

Release Date: Aug 12 2019

(Subject to Change)


Pegunny Wind Chime Heirloom Pegunny Wind Chime

Pegunny Signboard Heirloom Pegunny Signboard

Jicaro Horchata Heirloom Jicaro Horchata

Jicaro Cream Pie Heirloom Jicaro Cream Pie

Baru Nougat Heirloom Baru Nougat

Baru Cooking Oil Heirloom Baru Cooking Oil

Lotus Sweetjuice Stir Fry Lotus Sweetjuice Fritters


Baby Sachsengold Rabbit Aduly Sachsengold Rabbit

Prized Sachsengold Rabbit Baby Hazel Aegidienberger Horse

Adult Hazel Aegidienberger Horse Prized Hazel Aegidienberger Horse

Baby Spotted Balearic Donkey Adult Spotted Balearic Donkey

Prized Spotted Balearic Donkey Baby Green-Legged Partridge Chicken

Adult Green-Legged Partridge Chicken Prized Green-Legged Partridge Chicken


Baru Nut Heirloom Baru Nut Elder Baru Nut

Baru Nut Fruit Heirloom Baru Nut Fruit

Pegunny Heirloom Pegunny Elder Pegunny

Pegunny Fruit Heirloom Pegunny Fruit

Jicaro Heirloom Jicaro Elder Jicaro

Jicaro Fruit Heirloom Jicaro Fruit


Lotus Sweetjuice Prized Lotus Sweetjuice

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