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Build your Fall Home Expo!

Build the Fall Home Expo on your farm. Help set up a Fall Home Expo featuring gorgeous decor and choice foods! Win a baby Grivette Sheep!

Release Date: Aug 27 2019

(Subject to Change)

Gold Paint Fire Bricks Terracotta Tiles

Fall Home Expo Happy Point


Red Pumpkin Prized Red Pumpkin

Flaming Pansy Prized Flaming Pansy

Ask/Post to Friends:

Vine Coaster Ceramic Flower Sesame Seed Bowl

Pistachio Flakes White Thread Gauze Bag


Pumpkin Bowl Pumpkin Teacup Pumpkin Teapot

Basil Salad Basil Rice Cakes Basil Buttermilk

Pansy Rug Pansy Pillow Pansy Potpourri

Material for the Next Quest:

Fire Extinguisher Fire Exit Plan Fire Safety Poster


Maple Fountain Maple Fence


Baby Black Oberhasli Goat Adult Black Oberhasli Goat

Prized Black Oberhasli Goat

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