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Enlighten your farm with the Holy Basil! (Market LE Items) Aug 26 2019

Add Holy Basil, Württemberg Horses, Irwin Mango Trees and more to your farm!

Release Date: Aug 26 2019

(Subject to Change)


Irwin Mango Body Butter Heirloom Irwin Mango Body Butter

Irwin Mango Mojito Heirloom Irwin Mango Mojito

Basil Tea Heirloom Basil Tea Basil Chutney

Tochi Candle Stand Heirloom Tochi Candle Stand

Tochi Bowl Heirloom Tochi Bowl


Baby Thunderbolt Lunkarya Guinea Pig Adult Thunderbolt Lunkarya Guinea Pig

Prized Thunderbolt Lunkarya Guinea Pig

Baby White African Pygmy Hedgehog

Adult White African Pygmy Hedgehog

Prized White African Pygmy Hedgehog

Baby Xalda Sheep Adult Xalda Sheep Prized Xalda Sheep

Baby Württemberg Horse Adult Württemberg Horse

Prized Württemberg Horse


Tochi Heirloom Tochi Elder Tochi Tochi Fruit

Heirloom Tochi Fruit Irwin Mango Heirloom Irwin Mango

Elder Irwin Mango Irwin Mango Fruit

Heirloom Irwin Mango Fruit Turkey Oak Tree

Heirloom Turkey Oak Tree Elder Turkey Oak Tree


Holy Basil Prized Holy Basil

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