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Add prettiness with the White Freesia! (Market LE Items) Sept 16 2019

Add White Freesia, Hariana Cows, Sal Trees and more to your farm!

Release Date: Sept 16 2019

(Subject to Change)


Honduran Magnolia Wreath Heirloom Honduran Magnolia Wreath

Honduran Magnolia Lotion Heirloom Honduran Magnolia Lotion

Sal Leaf Plates Heirloom Sal Leaf Plates

Sal Incense Sticks Heirloom Sal Incense Sticks

White Freesia Balm White Freesia Candle


Baby Hariana Cow Adult Hariana Cow Prized Hariana Cow

Baby Black Abyssinian Guinea Pig

Adult Black Abyssinian Guinea Pig

Prized Black Abyssinian Guinea Pig

Baby Madras Red Sheep Adult Madras Red Sheep

Prized Madras Red Sheep Baby Asturcon Pony

Adult Asturcon Pony Prized Asturcon Pony


Klinki Pine Tree Heirloom Klinki Pine Tree

Elder Klinki Pine Tree Honduran Magnolia

Heirloom Honduran Magnolia Elder Honduran Magnolia

Honduran Magnolia Fruit Heirloom Honduran Magnolia Fruit

Sal Resin Heirloom Sal Resin Elder Sal Resin

Sal Resin Fruit Heirloom Sal Resin Fruit


White Freesia Prized White Freesia

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