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Grow the scrumptious Royalty Purple Raspberry! (Market LE Items) Oct 7 2019

Add Royalty Purple Raspberry, Sarda Pigs, Saucer Magnolia Trees and more to your farm!

Release Date: Oct 7 2019

Subject to Change


Saucer Crown Heirloom Saucer Crown Hanging Magnolia Ring

Heirloom Hanging Magnolia Ring Franquette Oil

Heirloom Franquette Oil Kadota Fig Ice Cream

Heirloom Kadota Fig Ice Cream Fig Cupcake

Heirloom Fig Cupcake Purple Raspberry Jam

Franquette Walnut Cake Heirloom Franquette Walnut Cake

Purple Raspberry Pie


Baby Mini White Vechur Cow Adult Mini White Vechur Cow

Prized Mini White Vechur Cow Baby American Standardbred Horse

Adult American Standardbred Horse

Prized American Standardbred Horse

Baby Sarda Pig Adult Sarda Pig Prized Sarda Pig

Baby American Blue Rabbit Adult American Blue Rabbit

Prized American Blue Rabbit


Kadota Fig Heirloom Kadota Fig Elder Kadota Fig

Kadota Fig Fruit Heirloom Kadota Fig Fruit

Saucer Magnolia Heirloom Saucer Magnolia

Elder Saucer Magnolia Saucer Magnolia Fruit

Heirloom Saucer Magnolia Fruit

Franquette Walnut Heirloom Franquette Walnut

Elder Franquette Walnut Franquette Walnut Fruit

Heirloom Franquette Walnut Fruit


Royalty Purple Raspberry Prized Royalty Purple Raspberry

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