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Dream Renovations: Garden! Guide

Dream Renovations: Garden!

This is your lucky day! Cornelius’ customer has canceled his order at the last minute and so there’s a beautiful fountain waiting for a place to be installed in. Now, Cornelius immediately remembered you for all the pretty garden parties you have given, and he’s sure that the fountain would be the perfect fit. The fountain looks great, but your garden could do with some redecorating. Let Cornelius’ friends help you with the redecoration, and it’ll be finished in no time. Shall we get started?

If you are level 15 or higher, the “Dream Renovations: Garden” popup will appear. Click on the “Can’t wait!!” button to learn more about this feature.

The Work Station is automatically placed outside your farm. Click on it to learn more.

Please click above link for full GUIDE details


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