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Add the Lewis Mock Orange to your farm! (Market LE Items) Nov 11 2019

Add Lewis Mock Oranges, Adal Sheep, Yantok Trees and more to your farm!

Release Date: Nov 11 2019

(Subject to Change)


White Kauai Rosemallow Perfume

Heirloom White Kauai Rosemallow Perfume

White Kauai Rosemallow Moisturizer

Heirloom White Kauai Rosemallow Moisturizer

Lewis Mock Orange Basket

Heirloom Lewis Mock Orange Basket

Lewis Mock Orange Bracelet Yantok Egg Tart

Heirloom Yantok Egg Tart Yantok Sorbet

Heirloom Yantok Sorbet


Baby Brown Abigar Cow Adult Brown Abigar Cow

Prized Brown Abigar Cow Baby Grigio Siciliano Donkey

Adult Grigio Siciliano Donkey Prized Grigio Siciliano Donkey

Baby Adal Sheep Adult Adal Sheep Prized Adal Sheep

Baby Cambridge Bronze Turkey Adult Cambridge Bronze Turkey

Prized Cambridge Bronze Turkey


Northern White Cedar Tree Heirloom Northern White Cedar Tree

Elder Northern White Cedar Tree Yantok Heirloom Yantok

Elder Yantok Yantok Fruit Heirloom Yantok Fruit

White Kauai Rosemallow Heirloom White Kauai Rosemallow

Elder White Kauai Rosemallow White Kauai Rosemallow Fruit

Heirloom White Kauai Rosemallow Fruit


Lewis Mock Orange Prized Lewis Mock Orange

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