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A Daily A-Fair! OFFICIAL GUIDE March 27 2020

A Daily A-Fair

If you are level 25 or above and playing National Fair or World Fair “A Daily A-Fair” popup will appear. Click on “Awesome!” to start the feature.

You must qualify for the Fair Prizes to be eligible to play this feature.

After qualifying for Fair Prizes, Double Timer is activated for 24hrs. “A Daily A-Fair” will start once the Double Timer expires.

Beat the target score within 24hours to receive the reward. 

There are a lot of rewards that you can win from The Daily A-Fair. Click on View Rewards button to find more details. Every time you win a reward the next reward gets better. 

But you have only 14 days to win all the rewards. Win all the rewards before the Daily A-Fair expires. 

Not just that! The player with the most points for the day is displayed here. 

Get as many points as you can to claim the “Farmer Of The Day” Title.

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