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Capture The Moment! GUIDE

Capture The Moment!

Rusty visited the farm and noticed a number of fall weddings in the county. He decided to make a Farm Fall Animal Calendar starring their very own animals! It's going to be a tremendous task and your help is needed. Help Rusty conduct a Fall Calendar Shoot and capture the animals’ photogenic moments by building a Photo Booth anywhere on your farm and be rewarded with a baby Copper Guineafowl for your efforts! If you are level 15 or higher, the “Capture the Moment” will appear. Click on the “Place Photo Booth” button to begin this feature. You can also Buy the completed Photo Booth using Farm Bucks.

To start building the Photo Booth, you must first collect all the materials you need.

Then, ask your friends for help in building Photo Booth or hire some Builders.

The finished Photo Booth, which you placed inside your farm, will look like this:

You can now start conducting a Fall Calendar Shoot by clicking on the Photo Booth.

You will need to collect Booth Badges while you Photo Shoot. Here are different ways to collect them:

  • Click each animal and complete the farm tasks that will be shown. Each task gives out a different number of badges.

  • For example, click on the Rabbit to complete This Cakes Effort! tasks and earn 9 Booth Badges.

After completing the tasks, you may also share your rewards.

  • Ask for help by clicking the Post button.

  • Buy Booth Badges using Farm Bucks.

When you’ve finished a farm task, you can then collect and share your rewards.

Keep completing farm tasks to get badges. Keep track of your Booth Badges by checking the counter in the lower corner of the booth.

You will start receiving rewards when you reach specific milestones in the Photo Booth. The yellow bar will mark your progress.

A checkmark ✓means you’ve reached that specific milestone. You can now collect and share your reward.

Collect all the required Booth Badges to win the baby Copper Guineafowl and 10 Favors!

After collecting the baby Copper Guineafowl, click the Play Now button and complete the Bonus Quest to earn extra rewards.

After finishing all the Bonus Quests, you will get the Water Bridge Fountain!

What are you waiting for? Join the FarmVille community in capturing the animals’ photogenic moments for the Farm Fall Animal Calendar and win amazing rewards!



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