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County Renovations! GUIDE

Marie is visiting neighboring counties to check all the amazing things they have done so far. She thought that it would be a great idea to renovate her county and make it the best one. The county people will be thrilled! It would be great if you could help out during the renovations and win amazing rewards in return! If you’re level 25 or higher, the County Renovations pop-up will appear. Click on the Let’s Go! button to start.

First, you need to earn moves so you can move around the county. Completing orders in Market Stall (Orderboard) will grant you Moves. You will have 25 Moves, to begin with.

When you run out or Moves, you may opt to ask for help from your friends or purchase Moves using your Farm Bucks.

Moves also generate over time. You can claim them when they’re ready.

Complete orders in Market Stall and Moves will be automatically added to your Inventory.

Once you’ve earned enough Moves, you can now click and drag the County to move around the map to visit active buildings and collect requests. 

Click the blue Tile on the building to collect Requests.

Your Requests can be viewed at the right corner of your game screen or you can go to the workstation for a more detailed view. Please note that you can only help 3 Citizens at a time.

You can also switch tabs to view different Requests.

Complete Requests by helping Citizens to earn Popularity Points. Reach milestone checkpoints to upgrade your County and win additional rewards!

Complete the Challenges offered to earn 2X Popularity Points!

You can take note of these things on the map to help you with your journey.

Enjoy and have fun renovating your County and win awesome rewards!



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