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Crop: Ixia Azure

Ixia Growing and Care Guide

Common Names: African Corn Lily, African Iris, Corn Lily, Wand flower, Turquoise Ixia. Life Cycle: Half hardy bulb. Height: 12 to 36 inches (30 to 90 cm). Native: Southern Africa. Growing Region: Zones 3 to 10. Flowers: Species dependent: Spring and/or summer. Flower Details: Blue, white, purple, red, pale green, orange, yellow. Spikes of 12 to 20 flowers. Star-shaped. Six petals. Foliage: Grass-like. Growing Ixia Outside: Usually grown from Ixia bulbs as seed grown plants will not bear flowers for about three years. Bulbs: 4 inches (10 cm). Plant on a sand base. Spring in cooler areas; late autumn in warmer areas. Spacing 4 to 20 inches (10 to 50 cm). Seeds: Cover. Following the last frost. Sow Inside: Temperature: 60 to 65°F (16 to 18°C). Autumn. Grow indoors for two years then transplant outside in the spring in cool areas or the autumn in warm areas. Requirements and care: Full sunlight or partial shade. Good drainage. Rich soil. Regular watering during periods of growth. Winter mulch in warmer areas. Bring bulbs indoors and store in a cool dry place over the winter in cooler areas; replant in the spring. Propagate: by dividing corms when planting; will self seed successfully in dry areas. Miscellaneous: Attractive to bees and other insects such as monkey beetles. The name Ixia is named after the Greek name for bird droppings; a reference to the consistency of the plant’s sap.



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