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Game Issues Recent updates: Red Carpet, Crop Timer, River issues, super feed Turtles, loading game.

Game Issues Recent Updates

We are aware that some players are experiencing issues while playing the game. Here are the following issues that our team is proactively working on a fix:

  • Did not receive the Red Carpet from the World Fair

  • Crop timer keeps on changing

  • Unable to place buildings, decorations, or animals in the river area

  • Unable to super feed the Turtles inside the Animal Barn

  • Game Performance (does not load, crashes, freezes)

If your game is crashing, freezing or not loading, we have listed a number of troubleshooting steps in the article below that will help fix most performance issues:

Rest assured that we have our best people working on resolving these for you. Please stay tuned on this page for further updates. Thank you for your continued support while we improve your farming experience.



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