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Happiness Haven GUIDE

Happiness Haven

Marie noticed an increasing number of animals in need around the neighborhood. Gus has been busy with the Vet Clinic, and Marie wanted to take some of the simpler cases off his hands. She initiated and set up a Happiness Haven for this purpose. Help out by feeding animals to cheer them up!

You will have animal guests that you must feed and take care of.

When you have enough Kindness Points, use these points to play the puzzle and earn Happiness Points to fill the Happiness bar!

Play the Puzzle to make your animal guest happy!

To play the Puzzle, click on a group of blocks to collect Happiness Points and fill the Happiness bar above. You can get more Happiness Points with a larger group of blocks!

Every Move counts. Play wisely!

When you run out of Moves, you can continue playing the Puzzle by purchasing Moves using your Farm Bucks. However, if you do not wish to buy Moves, you can go back and complete the tasks to earn Kindness Points again.

When your Happiness bar has been filled, your Happiness Points will be doubled! You also have the option to adopt the animal. Use your Farm Bucks to adopt the animal or purchase it from the Happiness Store with Happiness Points.

To view the animals that are available for you to adopt, click the Happiness Store in the upper right corner of your Happiness Haven page.

If you have enough Happiness Points, you can purchase the animal right away!

You can also purchase exciting Rewards using your Happiness Points!

After adopting your first animal guest, you can now go to the next animal that needs your care and attention. 


Craft Power-Ups and collect Happiness Points faster! Using Power-ups will help you save Moves. Click the Craft button to start.

Gather all the ingredients so you can make the Power-Up. You can either plant it, ask your friends for help, or purchase it using Farm Bucks. Click the Make button to continue.

Click the Use Now button to use your Power-up.

As you progress in the game, your next Power-Up will be unlocked.

Complete tasks to earn Kindness Points. Reach the milestones and get these rewards (you can complete all the milestones a total of 3 times)! Make 12 animal guests happy to get the final reward!

Make your animal guests happy, adopt them, and reap amazing rewards!

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