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My game is not loading? What should I do?

My game is not loading? What should I do?

If your game is not loading, it is important to try the following basic troubleshooting steps as they may help resolve the issue: Use the latest version of your internet browser. We recommend the following browsers:

For steps on how to update your browser, please check these links:

Use the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Click here to learn how to install or upgrade your Flash Player.

Ensure that your Flash Plugin is enabled in your browser. Follow these instructions:

If you are playing on Chrome Version 55, please follow these steps:

Clear your browser cache.

Clear your Flash Cache and adjust your Flash Storage.

Use Hardware Acceleration in your browser:

Follow also these additional Troubleshooting steps:

If you are still unable to load your farm, FarmVille 2 X-Press is the most secured Extension by Zynga on the Chrome web store. A go-to solution for all the permissions and issues caused by Adobe Flash:

If you have tried all of the steps listed above and your game still is not loading, please contact Zynga.

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