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The Guinea Hutch! Official Guide

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The Guinea Hutch!

Percy found two adorable Guinea Pigs in their truck! They were forgotten by their owners and they need a place to stay. Can you help build them a Guinea Hutch while Walter and Percy look for their owners? For your efforts, you’ll get a baby Lilac Fox Guinea Pig and a baby Sheba Guinea Pig. If you’re level 15 or higher, the It’s Guinea Be Great! the pop-up will appear. Click on the Place Guinea Hutch button to start the feature.

To make the Guinea Hutch, collect all the materials that you need to complete the building.

Once you have all the materials needed, ask for help or hire Builders using your Farm Bucks to complete the construction. 

The finished Guinea Hutch, which you can place anywhere on your farm, will look like this:

Click on the hutch to begin adopting the baby Guinea Pigs. To adopt the baby animals, you need to complete the tasks shown on the right side of the Guinea Hutch menu.

To adopt the baby Lilac Fox Guinea Pig, there are two tasks you need to complete: Collect 8 Hay Crumbles and Make 5 Gnaw Gnaw Biscuits.