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The Holiday Shed GUIDE Dec 24 2019

The Holiday Shed

Gus was in the woods to bring home a tree for the holidays, when he found a pair of baby Alpacas roaming merrily through the groves! He was curious as to why these babies were alone and he looked for their mother, but couldn’t find her anywhere! Gus knew that he couldn’t leave the babies, for they wouldn’t be safe in the winter months without care. He’s going to need your help to take care of these adorable animals. Lend a hand by building a Holiday Shed on your farm for the baby Beige Alpaca and the baby White Faced Huacaya Alpaca.

If you are level 15 or higher, the “Al-packed for the Holidays!” popup will appear. Click on the “Place Holiday Shed” button to begin this feature

To begin building the shed, you must first collect all the materials you need.

Next, ask your friends for help in building the shed or hire some Builders.

The finished Holiday Shed, which you can place anywhere on your farm, will look like this:

You can start giving these babies a new home by clicking on the Holiday Shed. To adopt the baby Alpacas, you need to complete the tasks shown on the right side of the Holiday Shed menu.

To adopt the baby Beige Alpaca, there are two tasks you need to complete: Collect 8 Alpaca Pillows and Make 5 Fluffy Snow Jackets

Click on the Go To Quest! button to complete the quest and get the 8 Alpaca Pillows.

Craft the 5 Fluffy Snow Jackets by clicking on the Make It! button.

After completing the two tasks, the baby Beige Alpaca is now ready to move into its new home!

For the baby White Faced Huacaya Alpaca, you will be crafting 5 Pine Scented Candles, 5 Fuzzy White Rugs, and 6 Winter Booties. Click on the Make It! buttons to craft them.

Once these items are crafted, you can adopt the baby White Faced Huacaya Alpaca!

When you have finished all the tasks for each animal, the Bonus Quest will be unlocked. Craft 15 Hearty Hay Cookies, 10 Holiday Hats, and 25 Apple Crisp Cupcakes to win a Natural Gazebo!

The baby Alpacas will be a great addition to your farm. Build the Holiday Shed now and give these two adorable animals a cozy new home!




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